Friday, 28 January 2011

Return / TJN at the Virgin London Marathon 2011!

After over a year of hibernation (yes that's hibernation not inebriation!) The Nipple is back full force into the fundraising extravaganza that is the London Marathon!

The lovely events team at World Cancer Research Fund (UK) have very kindly given me one of their places at this years event. As you know the marathon is a massive opportunity to raise funds for worthy charities and I'll be doing all I can to accumulate some cash for WCRF over the coming months.

The WCRF are, in their own words,  part of a global network of charities that are committed to preventing cancer... [WCRF] fund cutting edge scientific research and provide people with the information they need to reduce their cancer risk. They are one of the many charities that consistently provide help and support in the fight against cancer. I'm proud to be able to show my own support through running for WCRF and I hope to be able to raise as much money as possible for this worthy cause!

I have a page on their website where donations can be made - it's very quick, simple and safe - just CLICK HERE!


Some London Marathon fun facts:
- Usually the marathon is run on my birthday! But this year falls a week earlier because of Easter. Last year there were 173 runners sharing their birthday during the Marathon.
- There will be 35,000+ runners crossing the finishing line, the largest to date is 35,694 runners in 2007.
- There are 1,250 portable toilets on and around the course.
- There are 81 pubs on the course - which could make for an interesting pub crawl?
- There are 6000 volunteers that make it happen! Bravo!
- Fastest time dressed as a vegetable: 3:34:55, and was, of course, a carrot.